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Thinking Globally

Fall 2010 EMBA Course

B7799-095: Thinking Globally

2011EMBA, GL11, GLA11, Menu C - 03:00AM to 04:00AM

Instructor: Sheena Iyengar

Globalization refers to a variety of political, economic, social, and cultural changes that are currently transforming our world. Because grasping these changes is a crucial aspect of succeeding as a leader and manager, this course aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of the genesis of globalization and its myriad ramifications. Thinking Globally is intended to help students to develop the global mindset necessary to advance their careers in a rapidly changing world.

Through lectures, case studies, guest speakers, and class discussion, Thinking Globally endeavors to critically examine the opportunities and challenges posed by globalization. The initial classes will lay the foundation for analysis: What is globalization? How do we evaluate its impact? How is it that we’ve come to live in such an interconnected world? In sessions 3 – 8, we’ll delve into the relationship between culture and business: What are some of the key ways in which people differ across cultures? How do conceptions of leadership vary from place to place? What are the ramifications of cultural differences for managing transnational organizations and negotiating globally? Finally, we’ll take a look at the evolving international context: What challenges do companies face in launching operations in emerging markets, particularly the BRIC countries? What does China’s rapid growth rate, both as an economy and a population, mean for the future of business around the globe? What is being done to solve the problems we face as a global community, including poverty and climate change? The capstone of the course will be a project offering students the opportunity to further explore a global issue of interest, and to share their ideas and conclusions with classmates.