Fall 2011 EMBA Course

B7005-001: Global Economic Environment I & II

2011 EMBA Electives, Menu C - 03:00AM to 04:00AM

Instructor: Stephen Zeldes

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This course explores the fundamentals of national competitiveness, productivity and growth. It studies the forces that determine production, consumption, savings and investment. It introduces the problem of variable foreign exchange rates and their impact on policy, performance and finance. It explores the complex relationships among government policies and private-sector performance in a global setting.

Stephen Zeldes

Academic DirectorProfessor Zeldes has taught the core and flex-core "Global Economic Environment" courses, an interdisciplinary course titled "The Psychology and Economics of Consumer Finance",an elective course called "The Future of Retirement Wealth," and a master class on "Macro Investing." His research has examined a wide range of applied issues in macroeconomics and finance, including Social Security reform, the determinants of household saving, participant behavior in...

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