Fall 2011 EMBA Course

B7313-001: Security Analysis

2011 EMBA Electives, Menu D - 04:00AM to 05:00AM

Instructor: Paul Johnson

Prerequisite(s): B6302

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The objective of this course is to introduce both the theory and application of Security Analysis.  Students should expect to obtain a broad knowledge of security markets, competitive strategy, behavioral finance, financial statement analysis and valuation methods.  In addition, various value investment strategies will be reviewed that will provide a foundation for students to apply the skills they have learned upon graduation from Columbia Business School.
Qualitative and quantitative analytic capabilities will be developed as well as presentation skills.


Paul Johnson

Adjunct ProfessorProfessor Johnson, CFA, founded Nicusa Capital in January 2003. He uses his more than 20-years experience as a Securities Analyst and professor to manage his money and that of his investors for absolute capital appreciation.

Prior to founding Nicusa, Johnson was a Managing Director in the Equity Research Department of Robertson Stephens. Johnson has analyzed all sectors of the technology industry, ranging from semiconductors and...

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