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Personal Leadership & Success

Fall 2011 EMBA Course

B7799-026: Personal Leadership & Success

Block Week 2, Block week Sept 12 - 16

Instructor: Hitendra Wadhwa

Leadership is frequently thought of in terms of our ability to understand and direct our external environment — people, organizations and events. This course takes the view that to succeed in professional life we need to develop another dimension of leadership — personal leadership. Personal leadership consists of our ability to understand and direct our internal environment: our moods, perceptions, mindsets and motivations.

Some of the most crucial skills in life have to do with how well we can manage this internal environment under ever-changing external circumstances. How quickly can we rebound from setbacks to execute our roles with renewed enthusiasm? Can we stay calm and focused in the face of intense work pressure? How effective are we at eliminating feelings of anger or anxiety that grip us from time to time? How can we cultivate a winner's mindset that will allow us to perform at our optimum all the time? How can we effectively harness our intuitive and creative faculties to aid us in tackling complex issues?

This course taps three sources of insight and learning in order to help students develop a better understanding of their internal environment and to learn and implement techniques for improving their personal competencies: psychologists, philosophers and prophets, and practitioners (great achievers).

The course emphasizes a practical, hands-on skill-building orientation. Lectures are richly supplemented by exercises involving introspection, self-analysis/evaluation and practical applications of techniques. It is the intent of the course to help students begin the journey toward greater self-awareness and mastery over their internal environments.