Summer 2011 EMBA Course

B7801-001: Operations Management

2012 BA

Instructor: Nelson Fraiman

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This course provides a fundamental understanding of manufacturing and service operations and their role in the organization. Surveys a wide range of operations topics, including process flow analysis, supply chain management, capacity planning, facilities location, total quality management, human resource management, technology management, and manufacturing and service strategy. Special emphasis is placed on the international dimensions of operations. The course is integrative in nature, emphasizing the fit and relationship of operations with other functions of the firm.

Nelson Fraiman

DirectorProfessor Fraiman joined the faculty after a 17-year career at International Paper Company, where his most recent position was chief technology officer for eight manufacturing divisions. Prior to this he developed and managed a group responsible for productivity improvement and process innovation, and still earlier he directed company-wide educational activities. Fraiman teaches operations and technology management. His research explores institutionalizing quality improvement. He specializes in...

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