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Catching Growth Waves in Emerging Markets

Fall 2012 EMBA Course

B7699-013: Catching Growth Waves in Emerging Markets

Fri/Sat Electives , Menu A - 12:00AM to 01:00AM

The term emerging markets encompasses a plethora of countries with more than half the world’s population, an enormous variety of cultures, climates and levels of development, from the BRICs to Sub-Saharan Africa. After decades and even centuries of lackluster economic performance, they are now the fastest growing markets in the world. Every relevant player in the business world is striving to capture this growth. Defining a strategy for where, when and how to invest is a major challenge in the complex and fast moving world of emerging markets.

This course is about improving the odds of placing winning bets in emerging markets, by thinking strategically about the waves of opportunities that arise as countries develop. The underlying theory for this course is that, in spite of the many apparent differences, emerging markets develop by following common patterns that result from similar priorities, needs and wants of consumers. As a result, development tends to follow certain predictable paths. Understanding these patterns gives foresight of which opportunities are ready to be fostered, or are likely to emerge, in which markets.

The objective of this class is to develop capabilities to think strategically about capturing growth in emerging markets. The aim is to combine the development of a conceptual framework with real life consulting projects that will define a strategy in an emerging market for a specific client opportunity. An additional benefit of this class is to gain some basic consulting skills, including framing and defining the scope of the strategic opportunity to be analyzed; developing hypothesis and defining the analysis to address them; gathering the right data and information; synthesizing information to drive key conclusions; and presenting well structured recommendations and conclusions.