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Advanced Negotiations: Negotiating Globally

Summer 2012 EMBA Course

B7409-001: Advanced Negotiations: Negotiating Globally

Global Elective (Block Week 9) , Global Elective Aug 7-11 in Hong Kong

Instructor: Michael Morris

Negotiating globally means reaching deals or resolving disputes across the lines of nationality and culture.  These lines can change how the negotiation proceeds, what issues are on the agenda, and who becomes involved.  How negotiations proceed varies as a function of cultural customs and norms. This means negotiators often have to adapt their communication style and learn new ways of reading the other side. What issues or problems need to be discussed? What contractual structures work as solutions hinge on differing legal and financial institutions? What parties have to be involved also varies internationally depending on customs and politics.  This class will prepare you for these challenges.

As in an introductory negotiation class, we aim to develop two kinds of knowledge: conceptual frameworks for analyzing negotiation situations and choosing strategies, and behavioral tactics and techniques for implementing these strategies.   We use lectures and case discussions to build conceptual frameworks, drawing on a range of academic subjects.  We rely on extensive role play simulations and personalized feedback to practice and polish the behavioral skills. 

Recommendation: If you have not taken at formal negotiations course at CBS read Essentials of Negotiation, Third Edition, 2004 by Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders, Bruce Barry and John W. Minton