Summer 2012 EMBA Course

B7601-001: Marketing Strategy


Instructor: Scott Shriver; Keith Wilcox

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Scott Shriver

Assistant ProfessorProfessor Shriver is an empirical researcher who utilizes microeconomic and industrial organization theory to build econometric models of supply and demand. His research focuses on problems involving technology adoption, network effects, market entry and strategic competition. His recent papers have investigated the role of network effects in consumer/retailer adoption of alternative motor fuels and the relationship between content production and link formation in online...

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Keith Wilcox

Assistant ProfessorProfessor Wilcox’s research examines consumer judgment and decision-making, with a specific focus on the role of feelings in decision-making and self-control. He is also interested in understanding the factors that motivate consumers to purchase counterfeit and genuine luxury brands. He has published articles in the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Consumer Research. Additionally, his research has been featured in the New...

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