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Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics

Summer 2012 EMBA Course

B7699-025: Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics

Sat Electives, Menu F - 01:00AM to 02:00AM

Instructor: Jeremy Kagan

Digital Marketing: Strategy and Tactics combines a high level strategic view of digital marketing and its challenges and opportunities, with a tactical approach using exercises and projects to learn and use the tools and techniques of digital marketers. From the web to mobile, email to apps, social media and user generated content, the course will develop a strategic framework for planning and analyzing digital marketing strategies. Students will leave the course with a working knowledge of the tools and processes for creating, managing, and executing digital marketing plans.

The course will cover the range of digital advertising and marketing channels as well as touch upon new and emerging channels and developments. Discussion will focus on strategies and metrics for success, measurement and optimization techniques, and planning and goal setting. Using a variety of practical tools and techniques in practical exercises and projects, students will gain an understanding of using digital channels to achieve their marketing goals.


Student teams will gain practical experience in usage of channels such as

Search – Optimization and Marketing

Display – Banners and Beyond

Email – Design and Deployment

Social – Networks, Media, and Content

Mobile and Emerging – Mobile Web, Gaming, and beyond