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Personal Leadership & Success

Fall 2013 EMBA Course

B7513-100: Personal Leadership & Success

Global Elective Block Week 2, EMBA Global Elective in NY, Sept 22 - 26

Instructor: Hitendra Wadhwa

Some of our most crucial skills in life have to do with how well we can manage our internal environment – our mindsets, emotions, and positive and negative drives – under ever-changing external circumstances. How quickly can we rebound from setbacks to execute our roles with renewed enthusiasm? How well do we direct our lives based on goals and values? Can we stay calm and focused in the face of intense work pressure? How can we cultivate a winner’s mindset that will allow us to perform at our optimum all the time? What does it take to successfully execute a “change program” in our lives? Personal Leadership integrates three sources of insight on mastering one’s inner environment – (a) Recent Scientific Advances (from psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive behavior therapy), (b) Inner Lives of Great Achievers (such as Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela, Churchill, Martin Luther King, and Michael Jordan) and (c) Personal Reflections and Applications.

Due pre-work required, no new students will be enrolled after 8:00am on Aug. 21st. Please note, if you add the class on Friday, you must commit to completing all of the pre-work on the weekend before the first day of classes.


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