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Advertising, Branding, and Creativity

Fall 2013 EMBA Course

B7665-200: Advertising, Branding, and Creativity

EMBA Americas

Instructor: Gita Johar

Over the past decade, the number of choices that consumers have to consume different brands and different media has exploded. This means that now, more than ever, brands must engage with potential consumers. How do you get through to your core audience effectively and efficiently and move them from the point of awareness to the point of purchase and repeat purchase? This is the main question that this course addresses.

Understanding and leveraging the brand-consumer interface requires managers to be creative. In this intensive course, you will be exposed to cutting edge marketing tools, methods and cases. You will learn different approaches to innovative thinking about advertising and branding and will get a chance to practice these skills in various exercises that will form part of the larger Advertising Plan that you will develop for a client. Many of these tools come from Systematic Inventive Thinking®, practiced by more than 600 companies worldwide. The SIT® - Systematic Inventive Thinking® method is based on recognizing "creative patterns", and applying a set of thinking tools based on those patterns in order to bring about innovation. The thinking tools were developed by systematically analyzing, mapping, and locating common patterns in successful products and advertising campaigns - patterns which were lacking in the unsuccessful attempts. At the end of the week, you will know how to develop innovative ideas; how to conduct constructive assessment of creative work; and how to align brand, product, and communications.


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