Spring 2013 EMBA Course

B7210-002: Media and Information Management

EMBA Saturday Electives, Menu F - 05:00AM to 06:00AM

Instructor: Eli Noam

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The course takes an innovative approach, bringing together many of the strands of the entire MBA/EMBA program and applying them to one of the most dynamic of industry sectors – media, information and communications.  In doing so, it is also a “capstone course” for the curriculum and thus useful for managers, entrepreneurs, investors, creators, marketers, and advertisers, even if they do not aim for a career in this sector.

Lecture topics are media finance; content production; demand measurement; pricing of information; intellectual asset management; accounting and valuation; HRM; technology management; entertainment law; information sector strategies; and more.

For each of these functions we assemble a set of MBA tools and a set of societal perspectives. Examples for the tools are Portfolio Theory; Optimal Capital Structure; Project Valuation; Demand Estimation; Capacity Planning; Advertising Budgeting; etc. We will cover several media industries throughout the course, from film & theater, to print & TV, to telecom & internet.
In terms of format, the course provides lectures, cases, and invited experts from industry. Lectures are also fully available online in video, audio and text formats, enabling off-site review.

The Final Paper is a business plan for a project by startups or established firms utilizing next-generation (Gigabit) broadband. Other paper formats and topics are possible subject to professor’s consent.
For more information, see www.citi.columbia.edu/about8210. For questions, contact the professor or the course TA.


Eli Noam

Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business ResponsibilityProfessor Noam focuses on the economics and management of media, Internet, and communications, both in America and around the world. He served as New York State's Public Service Commissioner, regulating the telecommunications and energy industries, and on a White House Presidential Board on electronic technology. His 27 books and over 400 articles cover telecom, film, TV, e-finance, e-commerce and IT.

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