Summer 2013 EMBA Course

B7502-003: International Seminar Hong Kong

Global Elective Block Week 5

Instructor: Shang-Jin Wei

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This course can be viewed as the most significant case study of your EMBA education – the case of China. We will discuss how the Chinese economy gets to where it is – by managing three transitions simultaneously: from Marx to market, from an inward-looking Middle Kingdom to an externally-oriented world factory, and from farming to industrialization. We will look into the role of Hong Kong for international business in China. We will also discuss factors that could influence the chance of success/failure of doing business in China, including the history that lives in the Chinese psyche, laws and regulations toward foreign investors, local financial and macroeconomic environment, corruption, and negotiation style.

Shang-Jin Wei

N T Wang Professor of Chinese Business and EconomyShang-Jin Wei has been Professor of Finance and Economics and N.T. Wang Chair in Chinese Business and Economy at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business since 2007. He is also Director for the National Bureau of Economic Research's Working Group on the Chinese Economy and a Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research (Europe). Before joining Columbia University, he had had the positions...

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