Summer 2013 EMBA Course

B7702-001: Top Management Process

EMBA Fri/Sat Electives, Menu B - 01:00AM to 02:00AM

Instructor: Matthew Feely

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This course examines the ways general managers get things done. Typically, general managers work through processes-sequences of tasks and activities that unfold over time. The course explores six top management processes: strategic, resource allocation, decision making, learning, managerial and change.


Matthew Feely

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Matt joined the management faculty in May 20l3, providing leadership lectures to MBA and Executive MBA candidates, as well as Columbia Business School's Senior Executive Program participants.

Fusing theoretical knowledge with practical experience gained from a three decade-long navy career, Matt's lecture analyzing leadership techniques used during - and leadership lessons derived from - "Operation Tomodachi," a joint Japan-U.S. response to...

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