Summer 2013 EMBA Course

B7799-020: Organizational Culture Demystified: Leading and Creating a Winning Organization

EMBA Saturday Electives, Menu F - 05:00AM to 06:00AM

Instructor: Peter Meola

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This course is based on the premise that organizational culture, and the leadership of it, is significantly misunderstood and under-leveraged. The intent is to bring more clarity, context, relevance and understanding to the topic and, in effect, “demystify it,” such that leaders can appropriately use it as the powerful tool it can be in leading and creating a sustainable high performance organization. The essential challenge and call on leadership is to keep organizational culture aligned, defined, deep and fluid, given an increasingly dynamic climate.

Additionally, as future graduates, you will become more aware of the importance of finding the correct “fit” between you and the organizations you choose to consider to join as your career progresses. Simply speaking, the better the “fit”…. the better the prospect for organizational and individual success.




Peter Meola

Curriculum Specialist

After over 25 years as a senior executive of multinational businesses, Peter is a member of the Executive Education Faculty at the Columbia Business School in New York. His primary areas of focus and passion are Leadership of Organizational Culture, as well as, Strategic Learning as a Leadership Process, which is uniquely applied within Columbia’s executive education programs, both open enrollment and custom...

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