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Technology and Operations Strategy

Summer 2013 EMBA Course

B7827-001: Technology and Operations Strategy

EMBA Saturday Electives, Menu G - 06:00AM to 07:00AM

This course focuses on the roles technology & operations play in the development and implementation of strategy. In the core Strategy Formulation course, you learned about the foundations of corporate success and how managers can devise a set of actions (the strategy) to achieve a competitive edge. Strategy development, at a fundamental level, is to identify an effective match between a firm's distinctive capabilities and selected markets. This course takes a new look at strategy formulation/implementation: we will focus on a firm's key operational and technological decisions (e.g. processes, capacities, digital technologies, project management, supply chains) in order to understand how effective the firm's resulting operational capabilities (e.g. cost, quality, flexibility, delivery) match the markets it strives to serve. Conversely, we will also consider how to translate a business strategy into a set of actions and how these actions can be measured and supported for continuous improvements. However, given shifting market trends and evolving industry dynamics, a short-term match between capabilities and current markets does not necessarily imply a sustainable competitive advantage. What operational and technological capabilities a firm chooses to develop can have a profound impact on its strategic options in the future. In other words, strategic operational decisions made today will determine the firm's operational capabilities tomorrow which in turn influence its business strategy in the future. Consequently, we will also try to emphasize the long-term impact of strategic operational and technological decisions.

In addition to class time taught by professors Fraiman and Singh, there will be guest speakers and facility visits. The class will start in the morning of Tuesday, December 18, and will end after lunch on Saturday, December 22.