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Management in the Media and Information Industries: Integrating the MBA Approaches

Spring 2014 EMBA Course

B7217-001: Management in the Media and Information Industries: Integrating the MBA Approaches

EMBA Fri/Sat Electives, Menu A - 12:00AM to 01:00AM

Instructor: Eli Noam

The course takes an innovative approach, bringing together many of the strands of the entire MBA/EMBA program and applying them to one of the most dynamic of industry sectors – media, information and communications.  In doing so, it is also a “capstone course” for the business curriculum and thus useful for managers, entrepreneurs, investors, creators, marketers, and advertisers, even if they do not aim for a career in this sector.
Lecture topics are media finance; content production; demand measurement; pricing of information; intellectual asset management; accounting and valuation; HRM; technology management; entertainment law; information sector strategies; and more.
For each of these functions we assemble a set of MBA tools and a set of societal perspectives. Examples for the tools are Portfolio Theory; Optimal Capital Structure; Project Valuation; Demand Estimation; Capacity Planning; Advertising Budgeting; etc. We will cover several media industries throughout the course, from film & theater, to print & TV, to telecom & internet.
In terms of format, the course provides lectures, cases, and invited experts from industry. Lectures are also fully available online in video, audio and text formats, enabling off-site review.
The Final Paper is a business plan for a project by startups or established firms utilizing next-generation (Gigabit) broadband. Other paper formats and topics are possible subject to professor’s consent.
For more information, see For questions, contact the professor or the course TA.”