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Managerial Negotiations

Spring 2014 EMBA Course

B7510-002: Managerial Negotiations

EMBA Saturday Core - 11:59AM to 11:59AM

Instructor: Malia Mason

Negotiations is the art and science of creating agreements between two
or more parties.  This course has two purposes.  First, we will discuss
and apply theories developed as guides to improving negotiating. 
(That's the science.)  Secondly, students will develop and sharpen
negotiating skills by negotiating with other students in realistic
cases.  (That's the art.)  Although negotiation is something we do every
day, we seldom have an opportunity to reflect upon our experience and
systematically calibrate our negotiating strategy.  This course
provides that opportunity.  By negotiating with each other in realistic
cases, students can experiment with, and see the consequences of,
different negotiating strategies.  (And it is safe to experiment in a
classroom.)  This allows students to develop negotiating skills by
observing not only what they did but also what others did in similar
situations.  Students will also benefit from learning and applying
negotiation theories such as behavioral science and game theory.  This
version of Managerial Negotiations offered by the Decision, Risk and
Operations Division provides a unique blend of both qualitative and
quantitative analyses to address a wide range of topics in negotiations
and decision making