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Top Management Process

Summer 2014 EMBA Course

B7515-001: Top Management Process

EMBA Friday/Saturday Format Electives , Menu A - 12:00AM to 01:00AM

Instructor: Matthew Feely


The objective of TMP is to help you develop your approach to leadership as you evolve in your career – from a manager of programmatic matters or as a functional manager of, say, finance, marketing or operations – to the more comprehensive role as a general manager or chief executive officer, in other words, “Top Management.”

The course recognizes that Top Management’s role is endowed with a responsibility to ensure that all units of an organization execute toward an end that is articulated in a business strategy. Top Management succeeds or fails based upon its ability to develop and articulate strategy and on how well it is able to design organizations; lead people within the organization; influence parties outside the organization; and make effective business decisions to execute strategy. The challenges are daunting – until they are studied and understood – when they are recognized merely as being difficult, but also potentially rewarding.

This course is one in which you will have a chance to study the challenges that confront Top Management and to formulate approaches to those challenges so that you will not be daunted when you face them.

The course emphasizes: (1) Experience of a GM or CEO – vicariously through cases, simulations and interactive discussion; and (2) Retention of those experiences – through reflection until you can put them into action – all to help you to (3) Navigate a career progression to get from where you are now to a GM or CEO position. Grades are based upon: class participation, individual assignments, a group assignment and maintenance of a learning journal. There is no final exam.