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Launching New Ventures

Summer 2014 EMBA Course

B7519-001: Launching New Ventures

EMBA Friday/Saturday Format Electives , Menu D - 03:00AM to 04:00AM

Instructor: Jack Kaplan

This “hands-on” applied course focuses on the creation, evaluation, development and potential launch of a new business or social venture. For each new venture, key issues are addressed in a fashion highly consistent with other formal venture planning processes including: in-depth industry and market analysis, market validation, product or service design, value proposition, development of a sales and marketing (channel) model, the team (human capital), profit models, financing, legal and fundraising. Throughout the class you will continually seek to refine (a) your venture’s value proposition, and (b) all core elements of your business model based on instructor, visiting experts, and peer feedback.

To enroll in this class, it helps to have a “vetted” business or social venture concept prior to joining the class. A previously vetted venture concept includes ideas that have been worked on in earlier MBA or other graduate classes, presented in formal venture competitions, or formulated within formal venture creation program outside of University, as in events or classes specially targeting aspiring entrepreneurs. You are allowed to join the class as part of a venture team (within or external to the class) who has been working on a new business idea prior to the class. It is entirely permissible to change projects (“pivot”) or join another peer team after the class has started.