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Marketing Plans Workshop

Summer 2014 EMBA Course

B7611-001: Marketing Plans Workshop

EMBA Friday/Saturday Format Electives , Menu B - 01:00AM to 02:00AM

Instructor: Donald Sexton

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll, author.

Target Audiences for Course:

- Entrepreneurs wanting to develop a marketing plan for their start-up.
- Managers wanting to develop a marketing plan for their or others’ organization.
- Those wanting to learn the process of developing a marketing plan.
- Those wanting to review marketing concepts, learn new marketing ideas, and employ those concepts and ideas in a real situation.


The marketing plan is the roadmap for the marketing strategy. It makes clear the objectives to be achieved by the strategy, the key strategic choices - target markets and positioning, the programs to implement the strategy (the marketing mix), and predictions of the expected results. Unfortunately, in many plans, critical choices such as target markets and positioning are omitted and the resulting plans are a collection of uncoordinated actions with little chance of attaining financial success.

This course provides the participants with a systematic way to prepare a marketing plan that will be efficient and effective in achieving business objectives.

The focus of the course is a marketing plan for an organization, product, or service. The plan may be developed on an individual basis or a team basis. Eighty percent of the course grade depends on the written plan and two in-class presentations of the plan. The rest of the grade consists of class participation, especially with respect to comments and feedback provided in regard to the plans of others.


Professor Don Sexton has been teaching for more than forty years at Columbia and is a recipient of the Business School's Distinguished Teaching Award. Don has taught at several institutions including the University of California-Berkeley, INSEAD, the Indian School of Business, and the China Europe International Business School. His numerous articles have appeared in journals such as the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing Research, and Management Science. His best-selling books, Marketing 101 and Branding 101, have been translated into several languages including Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian. Don’s most recent book, Value Above Cost, explains how marketing determines financial performance and is available in Chinese. He received the 2011 Marketing Trends Award for his work on marketing and branding strategy and is President-Elect of the New York American Marketing Association.


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