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Health Care Marketing: From start-up to multinationals

Summer 2014 EMBA Course

B7663-001: Health Care Marketing: From start-up to multinationals

EMBA Saturday Format Electives, Menu F - 05:00AM to 06:00AM

Instructor: Francoise Simon

This course covers marketing and strategy for all players, from biotech startups to pharmaceutical firms and service providers. It has two objectives: Present methods and models used in the life sciences sector, and demonstrate how they are successfully used in current business situations.

Key learnings include how to segment consumer and medical markets, brand a new product/service, create a marketing plan for a startup, decide on a pricing approach and integrate online/offline communications. Students customize the course to their needs with a term paper (instead of final exam) based on a consulting assignment for a company.

We will use a combination of current readings, interactive lectures, extensive class discussions, videos and senior executive guest speakers to address these key questions:

- How is the healthcare sector restructuring? Key success factors for alliances? Best ways to market a startup to partners/investors?
ow are consumers and their relationships with physicians changing in the US and abroad?
- How will personalized medicine change marketing models for biopharmas and hospitals?
- How can we balance pricing and access to drugs?
- How do we identify our customers and create value for them?
- Who are our competitors and how do we successfully create differentiation for ourselves?
- Who are our target segments, and how do we globally brand our products or services?
- How do we develop an effective online/offline communication strategy?

Senior executive guest speakers include:

- Director, McKinsey
- SVP/Group President, Novartis Oncology
- VP, IMS Health
- Managing Director, McCann
- Managing Director, Price Waterhouse
- Chairman and CEO, Sarepta
- SVP/Group President, Bayer
- SVP, Biogen Idec