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Real Estate Finance

Fall 2008 MBA Course

B8314-001: Real Estate Finance

TR Full Term - 09:00AM to 10:30AM
Location: URI 332

Instructor: Neng Wang

Corequisite course: B6302 Capital Markets & Investments.

Real estate accounts for one third of the capital assets around the world. You simply cannot ignore it in as an investor or in any business, whether the business is called real estate or not! This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of real estate valuation, cycles, markets, investments, and decision-making, using modern finance and economics tools. The bulk of the course covers income-producing (commercial) property, although we will discuss residential housing as well. This course is not a hodgepodge of vaguely connected methodologies and rules of thumbs about real estate. Rather, it uses a unified finance based framework to answer real estate investment decision making problems encountered in the real world. Doing so requires a good understanding of the institutional features that differentiate real estate from other asset classes and markets as well as modern finance and economics tools.