Fall 2008 MBA Course

B8412-004: Managerial Negotiations

W Full Term - 09:00AM to 12:15PM

Location: WJW 416

Instructor: Daniel Ames

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In managing human resources in an organization, many outcomes and
decisions are determined by the process of negotiation. This course
involves students in actual negotiating experiences to enhance their
skills as negotiators. Concepts developed in the behavioral sciences,
economics and game theory are used as guides to improve negotiating.

Daniel Ames

Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Professor of BusinessProfessor Ames's research focuses on social judgment and behavior. He examines how people form impressions of individuals and groups as well as the consequences of these impressions on prosocial behaviors (e.g., trust, cooperation, helping), competitive interaction (e.g., conflict, exploitation, aggression), and justice judgments (e.g., praise, blame, punishment). A central aspect of this work is how people "read minds" to make inferences about...

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