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New Product Development (Master Class)

Fall 2008 MBA Course

B9677-004: New Product Development (Master Class)

M Full Term - 02:15PM to 05:30PM
Location: URI 330

Instructor: Olivier Toubia

This course deals with the challenge of bringing to market elegant
and efficient solutions to strong customer needs. Students learn and
apply (in the context of their projects) state-of-the-art frameworks,
concepts and tools that have been recently validated by innovative
companies. The projects consist of developing a new product for a
client company involved in the course (typically a large CPG
manufacturer). Students may identify and work for an alternative client
company if they wish (e.g., their own or someone else’s start-up). The
projects as well the whole course are structured around the following
basic steps of the innovation process:

  1. Opportunity identification
  2. Idea generation
  3. Design
  4. Testing
  5. Launch