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Turnaround Management

Fall 2009 MBA Course

B8711-002: Turnaround Management

R - Full Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM
Location: URI 140

Instructor: Gregory Rorke

Prerequisite(s): B6013 B6301

Corequisite(s): B6302

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This course provides students with a perspective on identifying and remedying turnaround business situations, that is, established businesses experiencing operational, financial and managerial difficulties. Students learn from the standpoint of a general manager how to distinguish between “troubled” and “crisis” companies and how to use qualitative and quantitative tools to effect solutions. The course integrates the functional disciplines of the core curriculum.   Building upon a basic understanding of accounting and corporate finance, the course engages with these core restructuring concepts:  cash flow and going concern projections; debt restructuring and liquidation analysis; creditor relationships, managerial and governance perspectives.   Assignments are team-oriented projects culminating in a final team analysis of a turnaround situation.