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Banking & the Money Markets

Fall 2009 MBA Course

B9301-121: Banking & the Money Markets

MW - Full Term, 04:00PM to 05:30PM
Location: WJW 209

Instructor: R. Philip Giles


Despite the tremendous upheaval in the global financial markets over the past two years, including

•    Decline of housing prices and the subprime meltdown
•    Failure of mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers
•    Failure or near collapse of major broker/dealers followed by conversion  to holding company structure
•    Sharp deterioration in credit quality
•    Frozen credit markets
•    Severe recession

One factor seems clear: The banks will survive.

This course offers a comprehensive insight into the banking industry, examining its origins, current status and likely future structure.  A few sessions on the money markets are also included since it provides a major source of funding for large financial institutions and also serves as a (harsh) regulator.

Course content should benefit students with the following career goals whether within or outside the US: Consulting, Financial Analysis, Sales and Trading, Commercial and Investment Banking, Regulatory Agencies

Topical Areas: This course will cover the following major areas

1.    Balance sheet structure and income statement analysis with an
       emphasis on universal global concepts
2.    Risk areas - Definition, analysis and control, including
•      Liquidity risk and liquidity sources
•      Credit risk
•      Solvency and capital regulation
3.    Central banking during normal times and actions during times of credit   market stress
4.    The money markets
5.    The regulatory structure of today’s financial system
6.    Global financial system reform proposals