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Advanced Seminar in Real Estate

Spring 2009 MBA Course

B8399-003: Advanced Seminar in Real Estate

W - Full Term, 04:00PM to 07:15PM
Location: WJW 416

This case-based course addresses and, where possible, simulates complex problem solving applied to real estate.  The emphasis is on strategic decision making and the types of issues that principals and investors face in acquiring, financing, owning, managing, developing, and restructuring real estate. 

Using cutting-edge case materials developed for the Columbia MBA Real Estate Program, the course focuses on analyzing complex problems and developing a recommended course of action based on in-depth analysis, both quantitative and qualitative.  The course aims to develop your understanding of and appreciation for the multiple dimensions – economic, financial, and institutional – that shape the decision-making environment for real estate investment.  Drawing upon the participation of case principals in the classroom, the course also addresses the issues and tactics of how the various industry actors – pubic companies, private equity funds, and individuals – execute their strategies, including dynamics that constrain actors and organizations in the real estate business.  The course is designed to challenge students with complex situations so that they can not only hone their analytical skills, but also develop effective means of communicating their analytical insights and conclusions to different audiences: investors, lenders, clients, and joint-venture partners.

Case preparation and class presentations and discussion make up the educational components of the course. In the sessions with cases, one or two groups will present an analysis of the case under review.  Your contribution as informed and engaged students is essential to success in honing your skills and developing your capacity to make decisions that involve reasoned judgments and assessments of risk.  I expect you to come to class prepared to engage fully in discussion, whether or not the case under review is one you have prepared for presentation or written submission.

Communication is an essential element in professional success.  I am interested in developing your presentation skills and as well as your analytical abilities, and you will receive feedback on your group presentation.