Spring 2009 MBA Course

B8699-025: Marketing & the Internet

M - A Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM

Location: URI 140

Instructor: Jeremy Kagan

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Every marketing campaign and advertising plan in today's competitive brand environment has a digital element; indeed, with the migration of advertising budgets to digital channels, even traditional marketers need a working knowledge of digital media channels to integrate and manage their budgets and campaigns effectively.  Marketing and the Internet is a comprehensive survey of both the existing channels and emerging opportunities in digital marketing, as well as the revenue models and frameworks to understand and measure marketing success.

Digital channels are a part of any marketing plan for traditional businesses, either in terms of customer service, brand advertising or other marketing.  In addition, the Internet is now a place to “do business,” set up shop and handle transactions. There are new special roles the Internet is playing — for example, distribution channel for music, surrogate for the press (blogs), etc. Sorting through the myriad dimensions of marketing and the Internet is the mission of this exciting, never-before-offered course.

In this course, we'll examine:

  •  the internet advertising equation
  •  Search, Display, Site, and Email channels
  •  emerging channels in Social Media, User Generated Content, gaming and virtual worlds, and other areas
  •  business models on the internet and how they drive marketing
  •  and what the future may hold

Frameworks and case studies are supplemented by industry speakers from established and up and coming internet companies to provide a real world perspective to the theoretical frameworks developed in the class.

Jeremy Kagan

Adjunct Professor

Jeremy Kagan is the founder and CEO of Pricing Engine, a web service that empowers users to benchmark, optimize and expand their digital marketing campaigns. Using the company’s proprietary predictive algorithms and data sets, and expert recommendation system for customized, prioritized, and valued recommendations, advertisers can easily see what they’re doing well, and where they can improve. A simple to understand Advertising...

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