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Personal Leadership & Success

Spring 2009 MBA Course

B8699-026: Personal Leadership & Success

- 09:00AM to 05:30PM
Location: URI 140

Instructor: Hitendra Wadhwa


Personal Leadership & Success

Leadership is frequently thought of in terms of our ability to understand and direct our external environment — people, organizations and events.  Personal Leadership and Success (PLS) takes the view that to succeed in professional life we need to develop another dimension of leadership consisting of our ability to understand and direct our internal environment — our mindsets, emotions and motivations.  Some of the most crucial skills in life have to do with how well we can manage this internal environment under ever-changing external circumstances.  How quickly can we rebound from setbacks to execute our roles with renewed enthusiasm?  How well are our day-to-day priorities and activities aligned with our core values and goals?  Can we stay calm and focused in the face of intense work pressure?  How effective are we at eliminating feelings of anger or anxiety that grip us from time to time?  How can we cultivate a winner’s mindset that will allow us to perform at our optimum all the time?  What does it take to successfully execute a “change program” in our lives?

PLS integrates three sources of insight – (a) Recent Scientific Advances (from psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive behavior therapy), (b) Inner Lives of Great Achievers (such as Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela, Churchill, Martin Luther King, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan)  and (c) Personal Reflections – to provide you an understanding of the following questions:

  • What impact does your internal environment have on your success?
  • What Personal Leadership skills are needed to achieve mastery over your internal environment?  What is your current level of competency in these areas?
  • What techniques can you utilize to develop these skills further?

PLS is a catalyst for self-reflection and for getting students to make specific changes in behavior and thought patterns that will yield tangible improvements in their mastery over their inner environment.  Lectures are supplemented by exercises involving introspection, self-evaluation, and the application of specific Personal Leadership techniques by students in their own lives.  

Note:  Enrollment is limited to 52 students.  This class will take place on four full-day Friday sessions + a Fri-Sun offsite retreat.  The four Fridays are:  Jan 23, Feb 6, Mar 20 and Apr 17 — 9 am–5:30 pm.   All students are required to attend the offsite retreat (12 noon Fri Apr 3 – 3 pm Sun Apr 5).  The school is subsidizing the retreat, but net of the school’s subsidy, each student will need to pay $400 for the 2-day offsite.