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Advanced Investment Research

Spring 2009 MBA Course

B9301-051: Advanced Investment Research

M - Full Term, 04:15PM to 07:30PM
Location: URI 328

Instructor: Ken Shubin Stein

This course helps students develop superior investment ideas by conducting creative, value-added research.  Students act as hedge fund analysts by working through an intense research process with the objective of developing strong conviction around their investment conclusions.  A primary, in-the-trenches research approach is employed.  Each student will analyze one or two companies in-depth all semester.  The professors and guest investment professionals discuss student ideas and share their investment philosophies. The final exam is a presentation of student investment ideas to a panel of prominent hedge fund managers.
Note: This seminar is not open to the bidding process.  

The interactive nature of the in-class experience will be intense. Only take this course if you have adequate time for the thorough preparation necessary to rigorously defend your investment ideas and contribute meaningfully to class discussion on a weekly basis.