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Credit Crisis: As Seen Through Different Lenses

Summer 2009 MBA Course

B9301-118: Credit Crisis: As Seen Through Different Lenses

W - A Term, 04:00PM to 07:15PM
Location: WJW 416

Instructor: Thomas Russo

The purpose of this class is to give students the opportunity to explore the credit crisis from multiple vantage points within the financial services industry, study the effects of policy and regulation, and present recommendations on how to move forward.  The first part of the course will focus on the current issues facing large global financial services companies, and the second part will treat the policy issues the U.S. Government is facing in determining the future regulatory structure of the industry. By the end of the class, students will become aware of the most serious questions facing the industry and its regulators.

B6302 Capital Markets & Investments is a co-requisite