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Social Networks & Social Capital

Spring 2010 MBA Course

B5103-001: Social Networks & Social Capital

MW - B Term, 12:30PM to 02:00PM
Location: WJW 310

Instructor: Ko Kuwabara

Having effective social networks is the key to important business outcomes, whether finding jobs, earning early promotions, harnessing creativity, or ensuring survival of the organization. This course shows how to understand, measure, and develop these key resources. The approach is hands on and will involve diagnosing students' own social networks to identify career opportunities as well as analyzing corporate networks to better identify business opportunities such as IPOs and mergers. The course is organized in three parts: (1) evaluating and building students' own social networks to achieve career outcomes; (2) understanding social capital in organizations and industries as it affects organizational performance; and (3) developing interpersonal skills for building productive social relationships.