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Spring 2010 MBA Course

B8799-027: Change!

F - Full Term, 08:30AM to 06:00PM
Location: URI 331

This course offers a first-of-its-kind opportunity to engage in a purposeful, goal-directed effort toward changing oneself, and helping others change themselves.  It also provides students with insights and tools for improving their effectiveness at engaging in personal change and at helping others change themselves. 

The first objective of this course is to act as a catalyst and a guide for changing and evolving oneself.  All students (and faculty) in this course will be invited to establish a personal change goal at the beginning of the semester – a goal associated with some aspect of their Leadership profile that they are highly motivated to improve upon.  Having established their individual goal, students will be invited to embark on a personal change journey over the course of the semester.  Change! will support this journey in four ways — via a Personal Change Toolkit, Goal-Specific Solutions, Group Coaching, and Class-Wide Accountability.  
The second objective of the course is to guide students in how to help others change and evolve themselves, and to give them a practical opportunity to put these coaching skills to practice. Students will be given formal instruction in coaching skills, and a personal change toolkit they can draw from in helping others implement change in their own lives. Participants will get the opportunity to apply these tools in a “live context”:  with undergraduate students from Columbia University who will be engaged with them throughout the semester as their “coachees”.  
In addition to Professors Ingram and Wadhwa, Change! will involve instruction and group coaching by professionals from top leadership coaching & development organizations. 
The course is taught in a non-traditional format, as follows:
·     Four full-day Friday class sessions:  8.30 AM – 6.00 PM:  Jan 22, Feb 12, Mar 19 and Apr 16.
·     Six 90-min group coaching sessions (led by faculty), scheduled on Fridays (from among the following dates: Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 19, Feb 26, March 12, March 26, Apr 2 and Apr 9.)
·     Six 90-min undergraduate group coaching sessions (led by MBA students enrolled in Change!) – dates/times scheduled based on students’ availability.
Above all, the aspiration behind Change! is to help students develop an increased sense of empowerment and self-direction in their leadership journey as they create, pursue and achieve goals that bring them closer to their “ideal” selves.