Spring 2010 MBA Course

B9301-110: Venture Capital Seminar

M - Full Term, 09:00AM to 12:15PM

Location: URI 307

Instructor: Stuart Ellman; Will Porteous

Prerequisite(s): B6302

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Venture Capital Seminar provides a practical approach to the fundamentals of venture capital investing and the venture capital industry.  The course has been designed to offer students exposure to the day-to-day activities of the venture capital business – including strategies for managing investments, investment portfolios, venture capital firms, and an early career in venture capital.  Specific topics include investment selection, due diligence, valuation, negotiation, portfolio company management, exits, limited partners, and firm management.  Students will develop a perspective and a framework for understanding the practical aspects of the business as well as the current state of the venture capital industry.


Stuart Ellman

Adjunct Associate ProfessorProfessor Ellman is a Founder and General Partner of RRE Ventures, a venture capital firm with $600MM under management and offices in New York City and Silicon Valley. Since co-founding RRE Ventures in late 1994, Ellman has been responsible for more than 20 information technology investments and currently serves as a Director of Ember Corporation, MessageOne, Odyssey Logistics and ProofPoint. Ellman also serves as a Director of...

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William Porteous

Adjunct Associate ProfessorMr. Porteous is a General Partner with RRE Ventures. Before joining the venture capital industry, Mr. Porteous held senior management positions in marketing and product management with SupplyWorks and NetMarket, the e-commerce pioneer now owned by Cendant Corp. Mr. Porteous is a Director of Data Robotics, Electric Cloud, Hot Potato, Liquid Machines, Peek, and Skyhook Wireless, and a former Director of Frictionless Commerce (acquired by...

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