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Real Estate Investment and Entrepreneurship (Master Class)

Spring 2010 MBA Course

B9377-001: Real Estate Investment and Entrepreneurship (Master Class)

M - Full Term, 04:00PM to 07:15PM
Location: URI 331

•    36 student limit
•    2ND year MBA students
•    Prerequisites: Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Transactions
•    Attendance of first class is mandatory

The Master Class in Real Estate provides, for students who intend on pursuing careers in real estate, the opportunity to learn how to design and execute projects of professional scope and quality under the guidance of both the course professors and the companies or individuals who serve as project sponsors. The course will include instruction in project design and scoping, research and interviewing techniques, coping with changes, working in small teams, and presentation skills, both oral and written.

Project requirements are as follows:

1)    The sponsor of each project will be either a member of the Advisory Board of the Milstein Center or otherwise acceptable to the professors.
2)    Each project will either :
a.    Create a new entity, such as a company, fund or venture; or
b.    Result in a specific transaction, such as an acquisition, sale, development or corporate merger or divestiture; or,
c.    Advise the sponsor with respect to a specific strategic problem and recommend a specific action plan.
3)    Interim presentations will be made to both refine the content and practice skills.
4)    All final project presentations will be made to the entire class along with all project sponsors.
In addition to the project work, the class sessions will include some combination of the following:
1)    Discussion led by Professor Barclay on topics of current interest, including strategy, real estate investment management, financial structuring, real estate markets, and transactions.  These discussions will draw upon students’ prior class work in the prerequisite courses and may parallel, but not duplicate, topics in the Advanced Seminar;
2)    Guests who have specific and applicable expertise in project design and execution; and,
3)    Site visits to local real estate projects or companies that can serve to enhance the learning experience.

The course is limited to thirty-six (6) students who will form up to nine groups of four.  Course grades will be based upon a combination of student contribution to class discussion and the quality of the final project presentation.