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Transmedia & Transcreation: How Technology & Globalization Are Transforming Media

Fall 2011 MBA Course

B9601-076: Transmedia & Transcreation: How Technology & Globalization Are Transforming Media

M - A Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM
Location: WJW 208

Instructor: Sharad Devarajan

This course will explore two of the biggest disruptive trends taking place in media today – technology and globalization. Today there is an increased convergence of media activity as Hollywood studios, gaming companies, digital media companies and television networks all begin to compete and consolidate in creating multi-platform, IP franchises, designed to engage worldwide consumers across various media devices simultaneously. These franchises allow media companies to mitigate their risk through multiple revenue streams, while providing consumers new levels of engagement with their favorite characters and stories.

Beyond technology, as consumers interact with and engage with content across borders at digital speed, will the type of entertainment they want to experience also begin to fundamentally change? What are the new creative strategies needed by producers to keep up with this technology and globalization? From Japanese manga and Bollywood cinema to the success of Avatar, Power Rangers and Lady Gaga, each week, the global and digital strategies of various areas of media will be examined from television, film, music, publishing and games.

The course is intended to offer students:

  • How media companies develop transmedia strategies
  • An international & multi-platform perspective to the media industry as a producer or manager of a content creation company and
  • Insights from preeminent guest speakers in the media industry