Spring 2011 MBA Course

B6005-006: Global Economic Environment

TR - A Term, 09:00AM to 10:30AM

Location: URI 303

Instructor: Pierre Yared

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This course explores the fundamentals of national competitiveness, productivity and growth. It studies the forces that determine production, consumption, savings and investment. It introduces the problem of variable foreign exchange rates and their impact on policy, performance and finance. It explores the complex relationships among government policies and private-sector performance in a global setting.

Pierre Yared

Associate Professor of BusinessPierre Yared is an associate professor at Columbia Business School. He is a macroeconomist whose research focus is growth, development, and political economy. His theoretical and empirical research has made a number of major practical contributions. For example, Yared's work shows that economic development does not necessarily promote political development; that central planning can generate economic fragility; and that governments cannot commit to sound fiscal...

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