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Emerging Media

Spring 2011 MBA Course

B8520-001: Emerging Media

M - A Term, 10:45AM to 02:00PM
Location: URI 140

Instructor: Joseph Plummer

Since the emergence of the internet in our lives in the early 1990s, companies have been experimenting with the most effective ways to use the internet to advertise and grow their business. Many businesses have been invented to operate solely over the internet and most companies now conduct some portion of their business transactions over the internet. This has been called e-business by IBM and e-commerce by academic researchers.

This course - Emerging Media - will focus primarily on the internet as an emerging advertising medium. A new book, The Online Advertising Playbook, by Plummer, Rappaport, Hall and Barocci, will be the text for this course and the framework for examining this powerful emerging advertising medium
used by 75% of the American population for e-mail, search, shopping, news and entertainment. In just ten short years, the internet has grown to over $20 billion in advertising expenditures and is forecasted to double in another five years. (As a frame of reference, television represents $60 billion in advertising expenditures in 2007.)

The class will rely heavily on outside guest speakers from the industry, such as Yahoo, TimeWarner, CNN, and others, and class discussion. There will be four (4) written assignments for the course and no exams. Class participation will count for 50% of the grade and assigned papers will count for the other 50% of the final grade.

On each topic/session, the class will focus on winning strategies and why a strategy has proven to be effective on the internet. New marketing and advertising ideas, such as context targeting, key search words, viral campaigns, word-of-mouth, social networks and website engagement will be discussed in depth. It is hoped that each student will complete the class with a greater appreciation of the marketing and advertising potential of this amazing new technology.