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Financial Services: Innerworkings and Imagineering

Spring 2011 MBA Course

B9301-135: Financial Services: Innerworkings and Imagineering

R - Full Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM
Location: URI 142

Instructor: R.A Farrokhnia; Josh Siegel

This course investigates the structure and core functions of the world of banking and financial services firms, and explores the interconnectivity and business relationship between them. It also examines innovation and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship in financial services in the context of "problem framing" and opportunity identification as well as launch and management challenges of startups. Throughout the course, the origination and execution of various types of M&A, buyout, restructuring/turnaround, and startup deals in financial services are scrutinized. Prominent guest speakers will complement class lectures and case studies.

This course is intended to give MBA students a broad overview and deep understanding of the financial services industry that are essential to ensuring successful career development and advancement. The class curriculum will be especially beneficial to students interested in finance and entrepreneurship in general, and in particular to those pursuing careers in: i) Financial Institutions Group (FIG) divisions of investment banks and consulting firms, ii) asset management funds, including hedge and private equity funds, focused on investments in financial services, and iii) management-path roles in banking (commercial or otherwise).
Furthermore, those who are planning to eventually embark on entrepreneurial ventures within the financial services industry (the ultimate audience of this class) will also find the content to be relevant and applicable to their future goals.