Summer 2011 MBA Course

B8314-001: Real Estate Finance

M - Full Term, 04:00PM to 07:15PM

Location: URI 303

Instructor: Tomasz Piskorski

Corequisite(s): B6302

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The course focuses on the set of concepts and techniques used to analyze and finance income-producing real property. It starts with the characteristics that make real property different, including cash flow uncertainties, debt sources and tax features. It then considers the available strategies and structures of real estate finance, including capital structure choices for construction and permanent financing. Extensive use is then made of cases to illustrate the range of choices and outcomes.

Tomasz Piskorski

Edward S. Gordon Associate Professor of Real EstateProfessor Piskorski's research interests include dynamic security design and contracting, real estate finance, asset securitization, as well as market structure and regulation.

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