Fall 2012 MBA Course

B8158-001: Real Estate Transactions

MW - Full Term, 04:00PM to 05:30PM

Location: WJW 209

Instructor: Lynne Sagalyn

Prerequisite(s): B6302

Corequisite(s): B8314

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Real Estate Transactions (B8158) is to provide you with an understanding of the institutional framework of commercial real estate transactions.  It is the complement to the analytics of finance and investment.  Real estate transactions draw upon a vast array of laws and regulations – property law, contract law, land-use law, environment law, securities law, constitutional law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, insurance law, and riparian law.  Tax considerations similarly play a significant role in shaping transactions as real estate is highly sensitive to taxation at all levels of government and across all stages of property ownership. You should finish the course knowing how the terms and conditions spelled out in a term sheet find their way into particular sections and provisions of a deal’s legal documentation.  To succeed in this business, you will need to be savvy consumers of legal expertise, notwithstanding the knowledge and expertise of your attorney.

Lynne Sagalyn

DirectorProfessor Sagalyn is the Earle W. Kazis and Benjamin Schore Professor of Real Estate in the Division of Finance and Economics at Columbia Business School, where she is director of the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate and director of the MBA Real Estate Program. She teaches the Real Estate Transactions and the Advanced Seminar in Real Estate electives and co-teaches Real Estate M&A...

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