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Strategic Philanthropy

Fall 2012 MBA Course

B8200-001: Strategic Philanthropy

R - B Term, 04:00PM to 07:15PM
Location: URI 333

Instructor: Melissa Berman

Philanthropy has become a significant force in recent years, assuming a level of importance not seen since the dawn of modern U.S. philanthropy in the early 20th century. The funds available for philanthropy, forecasts for its future, media attention, levels of involvement, innovative approaches, expectations, and potential – all have grown tremendously. Thus, it's important for any business school student to understand how a thoughtful, effective philanthropy program can be shaped and managed.

Through the presentation of current issues and approaches in philanthropy, this class is intended to give Columbia MBA students the tools they need to become thoughtful, effective philanthropists. The class introduces the concept of the personal philanthropic road map, which allows donors to identify their own motivations as goals as well as the strategies, tactics, grantees and benchmarks that will help solve problems. Class sessions use the roadmap process to review key topics in philanthropy, including differing approaches to philanthropy, assessment of effectiveness, and allocation strategies.