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The Rise of Apps in Business Innovation

Fall 2012 MBA Course

B8699-037: The Rise of Apps in Business Innovation

W - B Term, 10:45AM to 02:00PM
Location: WJW 310

Instructor: Stephen Liguori

The vast majority of current marketing efforts are focused on the excitement around consumer focused technology. The world is obsessed with apps, downloads and gadgets and marketers are gleefully racing to join in. But what about the deep seated huge needs of society, businesses and governments? What roles are marketers and marketing academics playing to develop cleaner energy, better healthy, more reliable transportation and access to capital?

At large organizations such as GE, marketing has taken on a fundamental role in this transformation, going beyond classic advertising and communications to embed itself deeply into the company. This involves realizing that marketing’s critical mission is to deliver innovation and value.

Students in this course will focus on the nascent world of “Business Apps” and will be exposed to the cutting edge “Commercial Innovation” techniques developed and now being deployed at organizations such as GE. Students will be assigned case study work to develop their grasp of the abovementioned topics. They will work in pre-assigned teams to develop actual apps for industry workplaces, in areas such as Energy, Healthcare, and Transportation. Students in this course will be challenged to bring to life the “Industrial Internet” by applying their skills to making a better world instead of a cool on-line game or reservation app!

Teams will meet with current industry execs from both GE and leading business entities. The course goal is to research an industry via GE techniques and then conceive prototypes, test real business apps and construct viable commercial models. The winning app will be funded for development by GE! Students will be expected to be high performing with a solid background in business. Those interested in Marketing, Digital, Finance, Sales & Manufacturing careers are welcome to apply.

Prerequisite: B6601 "Marketing Strategy".