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Institutional Investing and Endowment Management

Fall 2012 MBA Course

B9301-172: Institutional Investing and Endowment Management

T - B Term, 04:00PM to 07:15PM
Location: URI 330

Instructor: Rosalie Wolf

This course examines major issues and themes in overseeing tax exempt portfolios, primarily for endowments and foundations, and to some extent, pension funds;  topics will include comparisons with principles underlying wealth management for individuals and family offices,

Key topics include: designing an effective governance structure for the institution; formulating investment policy; managing risk versus return; creating and/or adjusting a diversified portfolio; selection and assessment of specialty investment managers; the impact of globalization on investment management; the role of active versus passive management;   and staffing models (e.g. internal team versus outsourcing).  Some investment background /basic coursework required.