Fall 2012 MBA Course

B9377-005: Communications, Internet, & Media (Master Class)

T - Full Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM

Location: URI 307

Instructor: Robert Atkinson; Raul Katz; Eli Noam

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Raul Katz

Adjunct ProfessorProfessor Katz teaches a seminar in High Technology Strategy in the international arena and is Director of Business Strategy Research at the CBS Institute for Tele-Information (CITI). He is currently President of Telecom Advisory Services (www.teleadvs.com), a boutique international consulting firm specialized in providing high-level advisory services in business, policy, and financial strategies to telecom and tech companies, governments, and international organizations. He...

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Eli Noam

Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business ResponsibilityProfessor Noam focuses on the economics and management of media, Internet, and communications, both in America and around the world. He served as New York State's Public Service Commissioner, regulating the telecommunications and energy industries, and on a White House Presidential Board on electronic technology. His 27 books and over 400 articles cover telecom, film, TV, e-finance, e-commerce and IT.

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