Fall 2012 MBA Course

B9877-001: Operations Consulting (Master Class)

M - Full Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM

Location: URI 307

Instructor: Peter Kolesar; Garrett Van Ryzin

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Prerequisites: To review course pre/co-reqs, brief description, Master Class Code of Conduct and syllabus, please download the syllabus above.

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Peter Kolesar

Professor EmeritusProfessor Kolesar studies quality management and statistical quality control as well as applications of operations research and statistics, particularly in relation to the management of production and service systems. His recent research includes building models for the analysis and design of service systems with random cyclic customer demand patterns, accelerating the implementation and effectiveness of total quality management systems and optimizing credit-screening procedures. He was...

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Garrett van Ryzin

Paul M. Montrone Professor of Private Enterprise, Chair of Decision, Risk, and Operations Garrett van Ryzin is the Paul M. Montrone Professor of Decision, Risk, and Operations at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and Chair of the Decision, Risk, and Operations Division of the School. His research interests include analytical pricing, stochastic modeling, and operations management. He is coauthor of the book The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management, which won the 2005 Lanchester prize...

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