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Acquiring Middle Market Private Businesses

Spring 2012 MBA Course

B8799-031: Acquiring Middle Market Private Businesses

T - B Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM
Location: URI 331

Instructor: Scott Johnson

With a focus on middle market private businesses, students would:

1) Learn more about the technical skills involved in staffing, structuring, valuing, financing, “diligencing,” and closing a transaction;

2) Refine ability to analyze the merit of a business and industry; and

3) Gain practical skills in sourcing, negotiating, and presenting transactions

The course will benefit those who intend to become deal entrepreneurs (as a search fund looking for a single deal or start-up financial sponsor), want to work in private equity, or want to learn more about acquiring private businesses (as it may be a skill set that could be required as part of a corporate job), or just want to learn more about the process of buying a private company.