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Google Challenge

Spring 2012 MBA Course

B9601-080: Google Challenge

W - B Term, 10:45AM to 02:00PM
Location: WJW 416

Instructor: Tara Levy; Kate Stanford

The web is different now than even just a few years ago.  It’s more personal and social: our friends often serve as our guide to a better online experience, recommending content, brands, videos.  It’s more mobile: the mobile web is growing eight times faster than the desktop web did at a comparable timeframe in the ‘90s.  It’s more creative: new sites, technologies, and tools make it possible to build amazing, immersive experiences we never thought possible. Overall, it’s a better web –  one that’s about doing, in addition to viewing.

With better ways to interact with information online, the distinction between online and offline has been erased: consumers now live in a seamless ‘nonline’ world.  So how should marketers think about digital today?  This six-week course will cover consumer insights, marketing case studies, and practical hands-on guidance on best practices for incorporating search, display, online video, mobile ads and social media into integrated marketing strategies.  It will culminate in student participation in Google’s annual Online Marketing Challenge, working with real businesses or NGOs to design and execute an online marketing plan.