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Healthcare Business and Investment in Emerging Markets

Spring 2012 MBA Course

B9601-081: Healthcare Business and Investment in Emerging Markets

M - B Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM
Location: WJW 311

Instructor: Cliff Cramer

The health sector is one of the fasted growing and dynamic segments of the economy in many emerging economies. With a total annual revenue flow of over US$550 billion in 2010, the business opportunities and potential development impact are well recognized. The health sector is composed of seven (7) major subsectors, each of which has its own market dynamics: (a) services (hospitals, ambulatory care/clinics, health insurance and medical education/research); and (b) manufacturing (pharmaceuticals/biotech, medical technology, and health information technology). The course will focus on the market opportunities in the manufacturing subsectors in the six regions of the developing world: South Asia, East Asia and Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Gulf States, Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America, with a particular focus on some of the most dynamic countries (China, India, Russia, Brazil, Egypt and South Africa).

The objectives of the course are to provide: (1) Overview of the current socio economic context in each of the six major developing markets of the world (growth, inflation, political stability, and demographic/ epidemiological trends); (2) Understanding both the business environment and investment climate for the manufacturing subsectors in health care (costs and risks of doing business, including access to capital, land, skilled labor, trade and regulatory environment); (3) Introduction to some of the special issues related to access to capital in the health sector of emerging economies (equity, debt and grants); and (4) Review of sources of information on the health sector in emerging markets.

The course will be useful for students interested in careers in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices & diagnostics, healthcare services, healthcare consulting & banking, life sciences venture capital, private equity, and investment management. Note: Some understanding of, or experience in, the healthcare sector will be important to follow the course material.